Forever Baby Doll Yorkies is a Quality breeder that specializes in babydoll face yorkie.  We are located in Maryland, not far over the Chesapeake Bay Bridge. We believe in perfection of the highest quality, with our "5 Star rating" from many Vets across the states. We hold our standards to the utmost of Perfection you can get with our purebred tiny BABYDOLL YORKIES.  Forever Baby Doll Yorkies has some of the finest Top Champion Blood Lines you see in the show ring today;  because of this,  we are under strict contracts with our show lines. So we are unable to give out AKC papers with all of our yorkies.​

We take a lot of pride in our precious BabyDoll Face Yorkie and handle them with care, many times on a daily basis.  Our Apple Head yorkie have a compact body, very wide eye set,  short nose and large round forehead.  By the time our little baby doll yorkie treasures leave our home they are very well socialized and well trained to the potty pad. 

​Our customers love OUR Baby Doll Yorkie... We have a lot of repeat business  from past customers that come back to purchase another Baby Doll Face Yorkie from us!  Forever Baby Doll Yorkie has had up to 7 baby doll yorkies purchased from us from one customer in a matter of 2 years!  We have had many  Veterinarians tell customers to purchase from Forever Baby Doll Yorkies, as well as Vets themselves have purchased from us! I always say,  you just can't have one!  If you are interested in our Baby Doll Yorkie & Baby Doll Parti Yorkies visit our Yorkie for Sale Page to see what is available now!​​
​Forever Baby Doll Yorkies is known for the most beautiful extreme baby doll yorkie and yorkshire terrier puppies.  Our customers love are precious babies and will fall in love at first sight. We do not edit our yorkie pictures what you see is what they are!!!!   We  have a variety of sizes from tiny yorkies to large yorkies, to fit everyones needs!

Baby doll face yorkies
Baby doll yorkie adults
Our Baby Doll Parti Yorkie Adults are the quality our customers talk about all the time. 

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Baby doll parti yorkie adults

The look that never changes...

babydoll face yorkies and extreme yorkie, Forever Baby Doll Yorkies the look that never changes with babydoll faces.

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Forever Baby Doll Parti Yorkies the look that never changes, Baby Doll Face Yorkies, Babydoll Yorkies